Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's been forever(21)

*This may contain some spoilers BUT you may continue reading until I tell you to stop*

First blog update after what seems to feel like a decade. (Woaaaahhhhhh) It's sad and boring to always have a sorry-for-not-updating-my-blog opening theme each time I decide to blog. Not that anyone reads my blog anymore anyways.

So you know how it feels like when you reach that point of life and you don't realize how boring/lost/sad your life really is until you're left with questions like these: A) How's life? B) What have you been up to? C) So what do you do? to answer.

I get them like A LOT from basically everyone who sees me. Take my aunty who happened to come to visit today for an example. I guess being the teenager I am I'm exempted from the obligation to respond like a grownup would. "Neveruary" would be my answer to "When are you enrolling for uni?".

If I had disappointed (I most probably had) the people around me for not being anchored and knowing what to do next like the rest of the decisive teenage population in the world, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for it. It's okay to be indecisive or not knowing what you wanna do and it's okay to stay afloat and see where the tides would carry you.

At the end of the day, He's gonna be your lighthouse.

*I think you can stop now. I didn't really bother to filter my choice of words from this point onward so yea, POSSIBLE spoilers ahead!*

At the meantime, I won't stop thinking about how John Green managed to write such a beautiful tragic fiction that brought all my spirit down and left me with literally nothing but the ghost of Augustus' letter to Van Houten about Hazel to grieve over. I admit that I get a bit emotional over almost everything and I cry a lot over fictional deaths in books and movies. Ever since forever, I do not have control over my wide tear ducts and when I was having my heart crushed over and over again with each frail words from Augustus, I literally lost it. I know how this may sound like just another exaggeration from a dramatic teenage girl overreacting to fictional death and things that only happen in books with each possible raging hormones in her body, but yea. It's gonna sound exactly like how everybody else who hasn't read the book yet and has no idea what on earth does AIA mean alternately in the book would expect it to.

Few things I learned from reading TFIOS:
1) Life isn't fair.
2) You could ride a roller coaster that only goes up but still come down one day.
3) "Okay" could be flirtatious.
4) Sleep fights cancer.
5) Although fiction, young teenage undying love exists!
6) The world is not a wish-granting factory.
7) But you get to live your best everyday.
8) And if you happen to be a "grenade", it's not your fault that you "Isaac" the people around you.
9) It's mean to "Monica" anyone.
10) And lastly, directly quoted from the book. "You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories, and we made the funny choice".

The list could go on but I prioritize my bedtime.

So it was a great book. I laughed, cried, got angry at some point, screamed, and did so many other unconventional things to keep my family from knowing that I sobbed so badly over a book. That include locking all my doors and forbidding anyone from entering the bathroom because it's occupied by my impalpable ocean of feels and drinking tons of water because I was afraid I would get dehydrated from all the crying.

It was heartbreaking in the most beautiful way. I would read it all over again. I really don't mind going through all the pain all over again. Really.

And to those who think the story would be ruined from all the spoilers you saw on Buzzfeed, or on your not-so-favourite-blogger-anymore's blog, or heard from your best friend who couldn't wait for you to finish the book, it won't. Trust me. (or not).

Peace out.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Christmas Ever

So Merry Christmas everybodayyy! :D It's great to see everybody getting together and celebrating the birth of our Saviour again! Christmas has never been so special to me before. Especially after what I went through on Christmas and the days after that. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I was hospitalised on Christmas. Lol. It's sad that my orthodontist only realise I need to extract some teeth after almost two years since I had my braces. It was overwhelming to receive so many messages asking me what's going on and all that. So to make things clear, I spent Christmas in the hospital only because I have a teeth extraction that required me to be knocked out completely during the process. Hence, blah blah blah.

I wouldn't say I was very happy about spending Christmas in the hospital but it was definitely better than having the extraction before Christmas and suffer later on until the end of the year. So on Christmas, I got to the hospital early in the morning, registered, took pictures, and had everything related to Christmas played in my head over and over again until I'm asleep. Each time I woke up, there's either food from the hospital or food from mommy on the table because she and the Big Fat Bully won't stop coming in and out of the ward bringing me food, food and more food. 

That's mommy trying to feed me even before the extraction begun, gosh.
The oranges were not bad :D I'm glad I stayed up on Christmas Eve and spent most of the time sleeping in the hospital. Or else I wouldn't know what I'd be doing on Christmas other than desperately praying for WiFi access and reading Mockingjay!

The worst things that could happen during Christmas is having your arms pricked 5 times, sleeping with needles sticking in your veins and being super paranoid whenever you move cz you don't wanna do anything that's gonna break the needles in your hands. The first needle that got into my arm was the WORST kind. It took one whole tube of blood it's enough for the whole vampire cast in TVD. I don't watch whenever they pricked needles into my arms. I blank out most of the time, or just look left and right and repeat until the pain sinks in. And then this happened. 

Awesome bloody stuff.

I thought it was cool to have a guitar-shaped blood stain on the cotton, HAHA. Later that night, I was called to a room where I did the same thing when I get pricked. This time was a lot worse. I kept looking left and right, waiting for the pain to sink in but IT NEVER DID. Each time I looked at my hand, the nurse was aiming AND AIMING AND AIMING at my vein. It took her so long to finally decide which vein to stick the needle in. My blood was gushing out at the opening of the needle until she fastened a plastic cap. As if the scene wasn't bloody enough, the nurse wrote some code on the plastic with some bloodier red ink marker pen.

Bloody meets bloodier.
I went back to bed feeling extra extra paranoid cz I HAVE A FRIGGIN' NEEDLE IN MY VEIN that can only be taken out after everything is done. I spent the night reading the Mockingjay and allowed the story to take my mind off to Panem where I can worry about Peeta instead of the stupid needle in my hand.

I had Katniss aiming an arrow at me the whole night.
I slept as soundly as ever that night, only because the hospital bed is the best bed ever, but I still woke up every few hours to make sure the needle is still in place and not broken. Other than that, I just woke up to pee, lol. 

Given that I had a needle in my hand the whole time, tying my hair was the most difficult thing to do ever!  I can't exactly twist my hand here and there to get my hair in place unless I wanna feel the needle digging into my flesh and trust me, the feeling was the worst :( The paranoia didn't fade one bit. In fact, it got worse when the nurse came and unscrew the plastic cap and connected it to the hanging solution that's suppose to drip some nutrients and stuffs into your veins. I don't know why but anything involves touching the needle in my hand just freaks me out. I tried not to look, it helped.

The day after Christmas, mommy came over and spent the night with me. That afternoon was one of the worst day I've ever had. It all happened so quickly. I woke up looking as pale as Azog, only thing I wasn't strong and big like him. But then again, who would wanna look like him? Lol. I looked like I haven't slept in days. Then suddenly, I was in one of those surgery outfit where you can only tie the strings together at the back to keep everything in place. Being in the operation theatre was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Don't get me wrong, I never felt like dying but the doctors won't stop forcing all sorts of clear liquid into my veins through that stupid needle. IT HURT SO BAD. It's like having tons of cookie dough stuffed into your veins when you know it's obviously impossible. But it did happen, and I can still feel the pain at this moment. Ouch.

I was waiting for the sedative to consume me. When it finally did, it was the best feeling ever. It's like I blacked out in the middle of the wilderness where the doctor kept telling me that he's gonna stick another needle into my left hand. I don't know what's his problem but he just kept repeating it. Before I blacked out completely, I felt a familiar kind of pain in my upper left arm that no one told me I'm suppose to feel. Once again, I got pricked. Everything happened in a blink of an eye, like LITERALLY. Opening my eyes was the hardest thing to do. It took all the strength in me to open my eyes partially only to close them in less than one second. 

I caught a glimpse of blood-soaked cottons pulled out of my mouth. When I woke up the second time, all I saw was blood blood and fresh red blood all over my blanket and pillow case (that was meant for the icepack). HAHA Y'all can chill, lol. It's not as disgusting as it sounds :D BUT THEN IT IS when all that was in my mouth was MORE BLOOD and saliva. The nurse told me I need to learn to swallow my saliva and I'm like "NO WAY ON EARTH I'M GONNA SWALLOW MY BLOODY SALIVA", psychologically. I was so thirsty but all I did was spitting out more blood and saliva. I didn't wanna swallow anything until all the blood was out of my mouth. I drank some water when I finally had all the blood out of my mouth but in just a matter of seconds, my mouth was filled with blood again. I realised spitting was useless, but still I spat and involuntarily swallowed blood the whole night I have no idea how much of a vampire I've become. Only thing is, I'm feeding on my own blood, lol.

When I really really woke up for real, the statement repeated by the doctor over and over again before I got knocked out was REAL. I had another needle stuck into my veins.

What's worse is that there were more bruises on my arms which indicates I got pricked while I was unconscious. Honestly felt like breaking down after finding out I got pricked so many times! Thank God mommy brought my favourite socks. It was somehow comforting. To make things better, I slept under an extra layer of blanket that night. 

Getting pricked again and again.

Nothing about the whole process was nice, but if I were to pick the least worst thing that happened ever since I got into the hospital, that would be getting sedated. HAHA :D Not that I wanna relive the moment, but yea. I was so happy when mommy told me they kept my extracted teeth but I didn't wanna see it immediately cz I wanna surprise myself when I gain strength later. HAHA! So here it is, the gory image of my extracted teeth! 

*WARNING : It is disgusting. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

You can still run away from it, you know?

OKAY, here it is.

Tadaaahhhh! All 8 of them in total.

My dentist underestimated my teeth and thought it's gonna be easy cz they didn't think my roots will be curvy and all that. I don't know what happened there but they crushed my teeth! Now that everything is over, my cheeks and lips are slightly swollen. I have a hard time swallowing, and my neck hurts. I'm still paranoid but at least I don't have needles stuck in my veins anymore! Parts of my body are aching since the extraction. Not sure if it's normal or what but I'm glad I'm fine :) I run my tongue around the hollows in my gums every now and then even though I was told not to do so. Sometimes, I can extend my tongue and reach the back of my gums where my wisdom teeth used to be. But all I can feel now are the stitches made and a deep deep hole that goes nowhere. I can't wait to recover asap and get the stitches out of my mouth so I can finally eat again without being paranoid!

I'm so thankful for all the care and support from everybody :D Glad that nothing went wrong. Now rejoice! Because it's Christmas and there's more to it than just exchanging gifts. It's because of the birth and death of our Saviour that we're here today. Merry Christmas everybody!

My lips and cheeks are actually visibly swollen.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shorter and curlier strands.

Hi guys. 

It's been awhile and I can't say I don't miss blogging. Things are just so different now. Everyday is a new day to explore new stuffs, a another day to start over and learn new things, a brand new day to make mistakes and craps. Buuuuut..

I'm so excited for today's post I'm literally jumping right now. OK SO, remember how I always complain about my hair being to thick and too long but then love it more after a few minutes? Doesn't matter. The love-hate relationship has finally ended. After months and months of procrastination and reluctance, I finally mustered all the strength in me to get a haircut.

It's been a long long time since I felt satisfied with a new haircut. It seems like every time I decide to get a new look I'll end up walking out of the salon grumpy. Then I'll rant about it for a few days, lol. I can't help but to sm:)e the whole time. Idk what to say but I AM JUST SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT A HAIRCUT. Now people around me won't get annoyed every time I start complaining about my hair and talking about chopping off my hair. I can feel my friends letting of a sigh of relief. HAHA.

I felt very bad for the guy who cut my hair tho :( I highly appreciate his patience, endurance and commitment to his job. He was shaking his head half the time he's cutting my hair I actually felt guilty. It's like he's disappointed in me for not taking a good care of my hair or something. Each time he brush my hair he shot me a look that made me wanna kill myself, lol. He even cut his finger, I can't help but to feel bad. This is like the first time ever I felt so bad for someone I barely know. And the fact that he cut my hair so gingerly like it's some priceless strands of gold hair and cared about my hair more than I do is just so overwhelming. It breaks my heart when his hand started trembling and his blood soaked the plaster. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU SO SO MUCH AND SORRY. I will take a good care of my hair from now on. I'll use treatment and whatever crap to maintain my dried dyed hair. I will not fail you. Not after everything you've done and been through for me. I SALUTE YOU. Getting very cheesy here, lol. I should stop.

Before I end this short post and return to my sad pathetic study-for-finals life, I'd like to say that CATCHING FIRE WAS BEYOND AWESOME. It really was the bomb. I cried and cried watching it but I didn't care, because it was worth it. And anyone who judge me, will be judged. The movie would make a lot more sense if you've read the book. However, IT REALLY REALLY WAS AMAZING. *wipes tears* It's better than Twilight. There I said it. I can't wait to finish the trilogy after finals. Then I can get all high and hyped about it again! I even got myself a Catching Fire tumbler. I feel so cool now. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's a new beginning! Not really tho..

So my super short sem break ended 2 days ago, and today was my second day of school. I find it funny how people still use "school" even tho we're all in college or uni already. Not sure why but using "school" is so much easier, I just can't deal with not using it. lol

I've been avoiding knowing my GPA since first week of sem break only because I'm scared that finding out my finals results is gonna ruin my sem break and I don't wanna go all so emo about it for two whole weeks. So I've promised myself to face the truth on first day of school. However, I've avoided the inevitable! HAHA. Well, sort of.

I hated the fact that people around me were forcing me to face the truth when it clearly was the last thing I wanna do. I also hated the fact that my King literally shouted my GPA just so I can't unhear it. Tho I've sort of heard it, I convinced myself that it's not what I heard. Because as long as I haven't seen the results myself, the chances of my King getting it wrong are quite high. HAHA 

I didn't check my results until today. Sorry for being a chicken but please don't judge me, lol. As much as I wished to be nervous, I wasn't. I mean, yes I was nervous that I had the mouse pad covered half the screen while Christy scrolled down my results. But for some reason, I just wasn't THAT nervous. And after finding out my results, my day passed just like another ordinary day. I literally felt nothing. Or maybe I'm still digesting the fact that I didn't reach my goals or maybe I'm just plain dumb my brain doesn't function well half the time I'm breathing. Or maybe I've expected something much worse and knowing my results are not THAT bad has somehow put me in between feeling horrible and okay which is somewhere around feeling NOTHING. I'm not disappointed or what, but I'm not proud of myself either. Guess it's just one of those days.

Class was short today. Because it's the ONLY class I had to attend, lol. I keep forgetting to print the lecture notes. Not to mention not bringing my whole stack of foolscap paper! I literally scribbled on my Sociology notes cz I don't have anything else in my bag other than my pencil case, water bottle and other junks that can't be used as a piece of paper. 

I'm kinda glad it wasn't YouKnowWho that walked in our class today. Or else it's gonna be a new season of English Horror, directed and produced by YouKnowWho, starring the Victims, namely all of us. However, I wouldn't call our English lecturer the best lecturer either. I mean, you wouldn't know how nice a nice lecturer could be. You certainly can't tell when they'll turn into rogues. But it's not in our hands to control the situation. We're just gonna have to deal with it if our lecturer really decides to go complete psycho. PLEASE DON'T, THO. lol I promise not to laugh too loud during your classes.

We've got our first assignment on the first day but I'm not gonna complain so much about it cz I'm really glad, for He has blessed us with this kind Sociology lecturer :)) I sort of look forward to do this assignment, given that it's Sociology and also because of the fact that I do not EVER wanna procrastinate. Avoiding procrastination is one of my top priorities for this semester and I really really wanna stick to it. I've learned a heck load of painful lessons last semester. I've procrastinated like mad and ended up rushing assignments only a week or so before the deadline. I hate to say it but I have to. I'm not proud of myself. Nope ._. Not gonna repeat the same stupid mistakes.

Tho semester 2 seems like a relaxing semester, I don't think we should take it for granted. Having the chance to go home early is almost like the best thing that could happen to students like me who have very bad time management. I've been complaining that I don't have enough time to study and sleep due to crazy timetable last semester. So I don't think I should find excuses for not putting enough effort in my studies. I hope I'm not being too hard on myself or something but I honestly can't let procrastination get the upper-hand. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Why does procrastination even exist? D: 

I procrastinated bed time last night and woke up feeling half-dead. And I've been that way the whole day! Boys and girls, please don't do this. Unless you wanna have a future that is not brighter than your phone screen. I am not pleased with my action .___. and I have no one to blame but myself. And I have to deal with it, ugh. Thank God class ended early today and I actually reached home earlier than I did those days during form 5. WIN.

This semester better be the best semester of the year! I'm glad that I have a bunch of insane people with me throughout almost all classes :) And getting home early means getting to take major naps, so.. bye! :D Let us rock this sem.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

80 four hours with God, still counting..

So I came back from College CG camp about a week ago and I've got to say the experience was beyond imagination! It's my first church camp, EVER, so I didn't know what to expect. Nevertheless, I came with an expectant heart, and actually received more than I thought I could.

I'm sorry it took me so long to finally settle down with my lappy and actually hold on to that brief moment when inspiration kicks in and prompts me to blog. I honestly don't regret going to CG camp. I never thought I could experience God's intense presence so easily. I can't recall the last time I had that feeling but being up there at Chefoo and spending time with God alone has really been an awesome experience. Although often times we don't feel His presence, but that doesn't mean He's not there. I've learned that God is always there. It's just us not listening carefully enough. We feel God's presence when we quieten ourselves and listen to Him.

I really enjoy those Silent Time sessions where we get to go out and find your secret hiding spot and just be alone with God, pondering His words. My personal favourite hiding spot would be the playground. Yea sure, it was freaking cold and I spent most of the time rubbing my hands. But I'm really gonna miss the feeling of cold wind piercing my skin. During Silent Time sessions, I prayed and prayed to God that He would help me open up my heart and mind to Him, that I'll receive what He has prepared for me. And getting to know Him better is the biggest reward ever.

I have to confess, I was really really sad when I got home. And going into my room and unpack my bag is like officializing the end of camp. It's like I can't believe all of that awesomeness is over and I'm back to the place where distractions are found abundantly. In camp, no phones are allowed. And I'm really glad my phone was taken away. Or else I'll be facing my phone all day praying for free WiFi service instead of God's message. Throughout the whole camp, I was totally worry-free. If I was really worrying, the only thing I was worrying about is whether there's enough hot water by the time I shower. I didn't even think about my GPA which I've avoided finding out since last week.

One thing I've learned, or rather terasa, in camp is that we shouldn't let worthless things get in the way of knowing Him. Frankly speaking, I've allowed distractions, procrastination, studies, bad time management and entertainment stand before God. And trust me, the thrill was eventually overcame by guilt. I feel bad giving petty things the upper-hand to draw my attention away from Him. That is why I've made a promise to myself that I will put all distractions aside and stop procrastinating -ESPECIALLY PROCRASTINATING-, and I will not stop trying to keep my promise because promises are not made to be broken. If any of you catch me spending too much time tweeting, feel free to high 5 my face with a bible, lol. This camp has opened my eyes to see Him better, and enabled me to go deeper.

And of course, we've learned that we should worship like Mary, and work like Martha. We should not differentiate work and worship, but rather integrate them, and make working worshiping (and vice versa) in a way that we give thanks and praise Him in everything we do. Because God is so great we shouldn't isolate Him and keep Him in a box. We should share everything we do with Him, and in everything we do, we reflect Him and do it for the glorification of God. It's easier said than done. I hope I am not being macam yes, lol. I wanna bring everything I've heard, learned, saw and experienced in camp back and let it spread like wildfire. I don't wanna forget a thing. 

This camp has been nothing but meaningful. It's like the bridge to know God has been strengthened. Not to mention how promising God's words are. I've learned to lean on God more because I know that He cares for all His children and He wants us to chillax and stop worrying so much about everything. Matthew 6 : 34 says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". He will be there for us no matter what and this brings me so much comfort.

I'm really grateful that God has helped me make the right decision to join this camp. And unrefrigerated cold bananas are awesome! lol Just saying. I'm gonna miss everything about camp. The breeze, fellowship, prayers, lectio divina, the workshops, and STRAWBERRY POPSICLES. Omg I'm so gonna miss the strawberry popsicles. Technically it's not a popsicle but, whatever. It's so good! I'm grateful for the people who worked so hard for this camp. The talks, sessions and workshops. Not to mention those who took risks and provided transport :) God is certainly good.

Praise the Lord for His awesomeness! I look forward to the next camp :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

37 Pavlova Says..

I survived two months without updating this dead blog of mine. That's really something ._. I'm only blogging now because I finally have the time to get attached to my laptop. Hardly.

It's all about assignments, presentations and finals for the past few weeks. I honestly have no idea how it all ended so quickly. Sem 1 has officially ended and I'm having my sem break right now. I can't believe 1/3 of my foundation program is done, and I have to say it has been great. I admit, half the time I feel like breaking down due to assignments and crap because I procrastinate too much and still do it as much as I can. I hate myself for that but anyways, we've all learned a very very painful lesson. That is to never EVER ever be late for class. Especially during the week when your lecturers decide to unload the huge pack of assignments. Because you'll never know what being a latecomer will cause you. For an example, (I remember it very clear like it was just yesterday) the pushover lecturer who you think is all nice and sweet might not always be an angelic pushover. We were late for tutorial class because of LUNCH and the next thing I know is that we will not be group mates for our assignment for the rest of the semester and that we have to actually work TOGETHER with people we hardly know. Given that my group mates are literally strangers to me, it took me quite some time to get "connected" with them. It was awkward at first, but we got over it eventually. We were given weeks and weeks to get out assignment done but I can't believe I procrastinated so much and only finished it one week before the deadline. I feel so bad procrastinating. I mean, it's WEEKS we're talking about here. Just as I was about to feel bad, I learned that I was the first to complete my essay and the rest of my group mates haven't actually got very far with their essays. AND I'M LIKE "CRAP.." Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, they are all good people. But at the end of the day, I ended up finishing their parts. I know we're supposed to help each other out, which I did, but I genuinely did not enjoy being a pushover. Still don't. I'm not going to deny, it was a horrible experience. Think about what might have been if we weren't late and ended up being in the same group, presenting on the same day. There's no point regretting but I find it funny how all of this had happened just because we were late.. BECAUSE OF LUNCH. HAHA Stupid lunch ;)

Sem 1 has really been a heck of a ride. I've learned a lot. Like.. NEVER PROCRASTINATE doing your assignments because you'll end up freaking the crap out of yourself you feel like stabbing yourself in the neck with your favourite ball point pen. No joke. I can't tell you how ridiculous it has been rushing assignments. It's crazy staying real late at campus, trying hard not to laugh while filming in complete darkness because everything is funny when you're in front of a camera, running here and there, doing crazy stunts and things you thought you'll never do because you know your assignment is practically done, laughing at things that are not even laughable. Sigh how I miss it :') I promised myself to do better next sem. Yea right that'll happen. HAHA But I seriously will TRY to do better. I mean I can't go on another trip to This Is What You Get For Procrastinating Land with Mr.Expert-At-Making-People-Procrastinate as a tour guide. NO WAY MAN. We sat for Maths paper on our last day of finals last Friday. I'm sorry if this pisses you off or something, but THAT WAS ONE EMOTIONAL FRIDAY FOR ME. Mainly because it is actually my last Maths paper and there won't be any Maths paper to sit for next semester and the rest of my life, and I really really think that I didn't give my all. I know that if I do my best, God will do the rest. But I just felt like I could have done more than panicking and leaving that 8-mark question blank just because I freak out and suddenly forgot everything I've learned. I'm not gonna lie, I really really wanted to get good results for Maths. It's one of those Now Or Never thing, and you're not sure whether knowing you can do more but didn't, or not being able to do more because you're not trying hard enough, or didn't manage to give your best because you're just plain dumb and no matter how much you try, you're just stuck there, immobile, hurts more. And you'll never know until the day you know. I don't know about you readers out there, but watching sem 1 just pass like that gives me this bittersweet feeling. In less than two weeks, a new semester will begin. And when this cycle repeats, everyone is graduating already. Then I'm back in square one, deciding which path to go. Each semester passed is another step closer to making a decision, and I don't wanna make any decisions. Decisions are for ruthless bona fide vampires like Jane. 

I've been MIA for quite some time, been spending unwisely on food and gaining a lot of weight too. I feel so bad every time I spend on food. I know consuming is a necessity but sometimes, I just wish my will to stay fit is stronger than the temptations D: Of all people, you should know just how painfully difficult it is to not crave for Burgerlab or awesome Garlic Shrimp pastas and other lovely food out there. It burns your heart! I should really stop talking about food, it's not making anything better but THAT CHOCOLATE PAVLOVA FROM Delicious WAS SO AWESOME I CAN EAT 37 OF THOSE IN ONE HOUR AND I'M HAPPILY FAT, YOU SHOULD FEEL THE SAME WAY TOO. Okay I'm done. So recently, no wait, just a few days ago, I went to the dentist's and got a braces update, YAY! And I now have "forest" green braces :D I was so oblivious I totally forgot that I have a dentist appointment that day, my mom had to wake me up by TURNING OFF THE FAN and I ended up getting 3 mosquito bites on my face. And one of them is on my freaking eyelid. /facepalm/ Then I got the news that 6 teeth of mine will be extracted really really soon and two of them, are my bottom wisdom teeth. Sigh.. Don't judge me but, I adore all of my wisdom teeth. There I said it. I freak out once in a while over the fact that they'll sedate me and freaking pull my lovely teeth out, especially my wisdom teeth. But I'm still gonna have to deal with it eventually so, whatever. I surrender! I'll just go with the flow I guess.

I really hope everyone enjoyed sem 1, it's been ridiculously awesome and I am so grateful for all that has happened. This is gonna sound foolish but I look forward to second semester. Partly because I got this freaking awesome timetable that allows me to get to school and go home early! The other parts are just pure excitement coming out from nowhere. I'm so kissing ugly sem 1 timetable goodbye ;) HELLO SEM 2! Anyways, I'm gonna spend a few days in Cameron for a few days for church camp and I can't tell how excited I am for it!! :D I really really hope to learn a lot through this camp and encounter a life transforming experience with Daddy. Pray that everyone is prepared to receive what Daddy has planned for us and that we'll never forget His profound promises. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get food-ed.

It feels so good to be back! I kept telling myself  "I wanna blog about this. I wanna blog about that" for the past few weeks but I didn't. Fail. But here I am, dedicating myself to blog about anything that comes first on my mind.


I have a little confession. I've been secretly desperate to have any burger from the Burger Lab ever since FOREVER and I finally get to taste one! They're having this charity thing where customers donate canned food, etc and get free burger, drinks and chips!

Say Cheese. Smooshie. Tortilla chips.
Brandon was the first to step into Burger Lab and was also the first to get his burger but I'm proud to say that I came second! Haha :D Okay so, Say Cheese was the BOMB. I can literally hear my tummy growling just blogging about it. The bun is crusty on the outisde but soft on the inside, the veggie is fresh (I can tell), the baked/sun dried tomatoes were awesome, and the beef patty is just beyond scrumptiousness. It's friggin' juicy! It's like every bite I take is an explosion of flavours! I thought I couldn't finish the burger and everything else at first but to my surprise, I did. It was THAT GOOD I had to finish everything.

We actually arrived super early and was complaining so much about the heat. It's like WE ARE SO HOT WE CAN'T BE TOGETHER. HAHA. I honestly can't remember what we did exactly while waiting for Burger Lab to open, but all I can recall was us sweating like pigs, taking tons of selfies, laughing at everything, getting crazy like drunkies and doing the cup song with our Campbell soup cans :))

Happily dehydrated.
I'd be lying if I say uni life sucks. I mean, even if it really does suck, it's not gonna be suckish enough to suck. I really don't see how sucky uni life would be :) That is if you put assignments and exams aside. I'm not gonna lie. I'm still terrified and I get scared by worthless petty things constantly but I know for sure that I'm not alone, for He and a bunch of beautiful crazy people are with me, picking each other up, facing the same enemies on the same battlefield. I do feel stressed, but HELLO we're all dealing with it everyday! And at the end of the day we will survive this :D

You know you can't act "normal" when you're with a bunch of insane people who come from the most remote corners of the world. Yes, they're THAT rare. We're like the deviants among the deviants. We deviate a lot it has turned into a THING that only deviants like us would comprehend. You're embracing the deviant culture when you prefer sitting on the floor in the corner of the lecture room and you don't care about what others think about you. When you can't stop thinking about the cup song. When you can't stop singing the cup song. When you can't stop doing cup song mentally and when you literally can't stop doing and singing the cup song. Even in public. 

Deviants are like that. Deal with it.
I need to get a grip on EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. Especially this weekend's testsssss. I know it's only two tests but testsssss is legit. I approved. Anyways, I'm not sure if I should be nervous or excited for this whole test thingy. I mean, I KNOW FRIDAY'S GONNA BE GOOD but a test on a weekend? :/ We'll just see about that! As for now, I'm gonna live my life to the fullest. Starting with my sociology assignment. Lol so amusing huh.

I wanna photobomb more frequently. Credits to Genie :)

It's nice giving more than you can take. I'm so glad we went to Burger Lab today. Charity rocks!

Not sure what tomorrow brings but, I'm very thankful for everything I have now, and it's all because of You! :)