Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Fern, THL, Aries and I watched BREAKING DAWN today. I went there earlier to buy tickets and guess what, this is the most expensive ticket I've ever bought in my life, RM14 man!! But it doesn't matter cz the movie was so EPIC. I was so high when I watch the trailer alone while I was waiting for them to come, #wtf. Peple around me give me the 'WTF look'. HAHAH, whatever.

I can't help myself in the cinema, seriously. I was so high before the movie started, imagine when the movie actually starts. HAHAHA. I seriously can't help myself, I can't stop jumping and screaming. I was like 'OMG OMG OMG', 'NOOOO!!!', 'SO HAWWWT', 'SHIT', if not 'HAHAHAHAHA!!!'. I think we're the loudest in the cinema, no joke. Fern was like 'SHUT UP!!' 'SSHHHH', OR 'keep your thoughts to yourself'. Some parts of the movie were just so hilarious, lmao man!

I'll be a movie spoiler, so you can really stop reading my blog now if you don't want me to ruin it for you, HAHAHA.

When Jacob receives the invite to Bella and Edward's wedding, heart broken. This is the part where he runs and TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF. OMFG SO HAWWT MAN, can't stop jumping!!

Bella tries to be girly in heels for the wedding.

When the wedding is about to start. I almost cried this part. Especially when 'Turning Page' was played at this very awesome scene. The song is just so emo man, you guys really have to download the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

The partaay after the wedding.


When Bella found out she's pregnant.

Edward's reaction when Bella said she's pregnant.

I love The Twilight Saga and I can't wait for BREAKING DAWN PART II. I watched the trailer so many times, I can remember every word Edward says. 'Last night was the best night of my existence' and 'You've given me NO CHOICE!!' Also when Jacob says 'You kill her, YOU KILL ME' OMG with those eyes so serious yet so HAWT.

Breaking Dawn was so awesome, but it would be PERFECT if they didn't cut it. THE WHOLE MOVIE SEEMS MEANINGLESS AFTER THEY CUT SOME PARTS. Like the part where they're making baby. Not trying to be perv or what but seriously, WTH MAN?! And the MOST IMPORTANT PART, where Bella GIVES BIRTH and change into a VAMPIRE. THEY FREAKING CUT THAT PART TOO. Sucks man! I feel like going to Australia just to watch Breaking Dawn all over again. Because THL's sis went to Aussie and watch it and they didn't cut man! Not one second!

Anyways, we laugh our asses off when Bella announced the baby name. E.J if it's a boy. As in EDWARD JACOB, HAHAHAHAHA!! Renesmee, if it's a girl. Bella died after giving birth and the baby is safe of course. Jacob tried to kill the baby but then he stopped when he found out that he has 'something' for her. Ohhhhhhh, CAN'T WAIT FOR PART II MAN!! *inhale exhale*

After some time Bella finally wakes up but, AS A NEW BORN VAMPIRE AND SHE HAS RED EYES. OMG SO EFFING EPIC MAN!! After the movie ended, 80% of the people exit and we sat there for awhile, about to leave. But then, there's another scene of the Volturi and we were like 'WHOEVER WENT OUT ARE IDIOTS' HAHAHAHA!!

The Volturi claimed that the Cullens have 'something' they want. WHICH IS RENESMEE!! They want to kill Renesmee because they think she's a threat to them. Honestly, I already knew how the story ends but who cares man, I WANNA WATCH THE MOVIE. I can't effing wait for PART II, I'm so effing serious right now. I'M SO EXCITED, GAAAHHH Mom thinks I'm crazy now, lmao.

Oh and, Renesmee is a dhampir which is half-human half-vampire and SHE'S REALLY REALLY PRETTY MAN. CAN'T FREAKING WAIT FOR PART II. Toodles, readers! :))

Monday, November 28, 2011

No Ordinary Visit

(Picture stolen from my bro's album)

Got lotsa things to blog about lately but first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! I don't love you as much as I love my converse sneakers but, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU :3 This would probably be the sweetest thing I've ever said, lol!

Keep an eye on my blog! if you wanna know more about my "visit" :)

Have the whole day tomorrow to blog and upload the photos, enjoy the snacks from Terengganu, and more blogging. Life's good :)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Life Companion

HAHAHAHA I almost lmao reading the title of this post.

7 days ago, I went out with my Baobei! I haven't been dancing with her for more than 6 months and we miss each other very very much!

First thing, she came to my place real early man, omg. I was kinda happy that I was awake before she reached. HAHAHAHA Because the last time she came, I was still in my bed cuddling with my pillows and blanket, lol.

I made my dad fetch us to the LRT station even though it's pretty near. I just don't wanna walk :P Reached KLCC and bought tickets to watch Tower Heist.

We planned to watch Immortals BUT NOOOOO, they wouldn't let us in. #WTPHUG. But it's ok, my dad promised to bring me to the cinemas to watch Immortals. I doubt he kept his promises, lol. Whatever, I'll make him take me!

We went for Subway's later, YUM. It was a breakfast set and the cashier charged me extra 40cents. So so so stupid, is it because I ordered chicken? Well, IDK. I just hated the coffee very much and let Baobei finish it :DD HAHA

THE AWKWARD MOMENT when you're using flash without knowing it in the middle of a food court and hoping nobody would look back.

We watched Tower Heist after Subway. The movie is damn hilarious. Everybody was PRACTICALLY LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF! I have to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing, lol. Damn you Eddie Murphy! You totally made my day.

We spent a lot of time in Kinokuniya and I bought these.

There's a promotion going on so everything is cheap. Except for the ballet book. That costs almost RM70. But it was totally worth it :)

We wandered and finally went to Pavilion. The place was so pretty with all the X'mas deco. It was a total waste of time going to Pavilion at the first place. Not only I didn't get to buy the things that I want, it was drizzling the whole day!

Later on, we went to Sg.W. I regret going there, really. We got 'disturbed' by a couple of lifeless teenage boys who tried to earn money by asking us to give them 'points'. The guy told me Baobei and I looked alike and he thought we're sisters. SERIOUSLY? You're doing this to me? How old do you think I am kid?

I manage to get rid of them. I speak English and only English and somehow, I think he find me annoying. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! It's been awhile since I step my foot in Sg.W but trust me, I never wanted to step a freaking foot at that place again. I hate that place. I only went there to buy my hair product which wasn't there. Of all the hair product shops, none of them sell the hair product that I want. UGH.

We walked back to KLCC, and somehow I feel safe, lol. IDK why but I always have a homey feeling wherever I'm at KLCC compared to Pavilion or Low Yat and whatsoever shopping places. I just like to go to KLCC :))

Dear Baobei. I appreciate the time we spent together very very much, we should go out again some time :DD Oh and, don't forget the 'deal' we made, lol. Lunch at 'Muka Tembok' after school on the first Friday when school reopens :) *Looking forward!

Monday, November 21, 2011

part of my life

Hello readers, my blog is practically dead but I'll be updating more after 22nd. WHY?


That explains it all. I've been so annoyed by these posts posting automatically on my Facebook so this is really really great! God heard my prayer :D

Anyways, one of the reasons that I hate holidays so much is because my sleeping time will be ruined. I sleep late and I wake up late as well and I always ended up eating late brunch which NOT HEALTHY. I don't know if it's true or what but according to my mom, she said that skipping breakfast will slow down your brain and make you stupid. ._.

I have to fix things.. STARTING TOMORROW. I've been rolling on my bed for quite some time now and I'm sick of it. I can tell that my dad is pretty annoyed by me, his annoying daughter. lollll.

I go to his room and bug him every few minutes and he expect me to talk to him. He was like 'Talk lah, you can talk to me about anything you want. Novels you wanna buy, DSLR, blah blah blah'. So lame man, I'm having a hard time trying to fall asleep and he expects me to TALK. TALK. Really? You're doing this to me now? D:

The lamest thing he said was 'You can lay down here and your brother will talk to you' WTPHUGGG?! My brotha is 10000 miles away from home! Somehow, I see myself in my dad sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA, we crap a lot and we can be annoying sometimes :D

Since I have nothing to do right now, I decided to watch some DVD. My ballet DVD. I'm IN THE DVD. It's me performing in there to be specific, lolll. BYE :DD

Thursday, November 17, 2011


So many thoughts wandering, contemplating about almost every single little thing. But no words can ever formulate it.

I was half asleep for about 30 minutes until I couldn't take it anymore. I started reading in the dark with only the dim light from my phone flashing the pages to make myself feel sleepy, but it didn't work.

I should have not gone to bed anyway. It was the noises made by the unfamiliar dogs that made me went upstairs cz I thought it was safer, lolll. No point going to bed if I'm not sleepy. I can't stop thinking.

About 2012, ballet, music, my goals and everything else. Never thought I would say this but waking up and blogging at this time seems so right to me right now. My dad unintentionally woke me up this morning and making promises he will never keep, lolll. Talking about buying all the novels I wanna read. Later afternoon, he told me something real strange and sentimental that I couldn't manage to remember. And he asked when am I gonna start dancing again. I avoided the question.

Because I know if I start talking, I would never stop, as well as my tears. Thinking about going back dancing just freaks me out a lot. I can't stop thinking of how selfish and colourless my mom was, how would I ever catch up with others even if I tried, how would I be better day by day, how would I ever get over with it, or how my life would suck if I won't even give a try.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Greyson Chance live @KL LIVE

OH YES, I'm finally back for good and I'm here to update my blog with loads of GREYSON-CHANCE-NESS.

At noon, I went for a haircut but I have no idea what haircut I should get. So Van suggested BANGS and Fern actually agreed. So, there goes nothing. "CHANGE FOR GREYSON 'CHANGED'", says Van lmao!!

Basically this is my whiteboard and The Big Fat Bully just have to annoy me so, this is it. Greyson 'Changed', lolll.

I changed for Greyson 'Changed'! How awesome am I. HAHAHA. I'm still not used to it. You know.. BANGS. I look into the mirror more often than usual and IDK WHY. This is like my first BANGS in years! I still can't believe that I have BANGS, damn I miss you super duper long bangs that's not even considered as bangs. :((

Greyson Chane's showcase start at 8.30pm but we have to be there EARLY. Fetched Van and reached the venue around 6pm. No, almost 6pm. We were one hour late than Fern and her friend and they were at the top of the stairs already!! So freaking desperate and jealous. You should see the vast number of fans Greyson Chance has queueing for his show. By the time we reached, it was crowded already. Thank goodness we were not late as others. The queue grew longer by 4 metres in just minutes!

Fern was so freaking lucky man! She was at the THIRD ROW, #wtf. Van and I were stuck somewhere at the middle. Damn it man, I hated the place I was standing. It was WAY WORSE than World Stage. Everybody was rubbing against each other, there's no space to move my feet! It's like we're in a sardine can. I can at least jump and rock out the whole night at MTV World Stage but I CAN'T DO IT there!

It's freaking uncomfortable to have a middle-age pervert guy next to you. I mean, there's no reason for a middle-age man to be in Greyson Chance's show. It's not like he actually wants to watch Greyson Chance. Unless he has a daughter as a die-hard Greyson Chance fan. I see the way he looks at other teen girls, #PERVERT GAZE.

Plus, I felt like puking cz there's a fat teenage boy with bad breath literally breathing in my hair and sticking his tummy against my back. IT WAS SO DISGUSTING MAN!! He actually rested his hands on my back, WTPHUG?! Who the hell you think you are? You're not even close to be my hi-bye friend, let alone an anonymous.

A bunch of 12-year-old-looking girls sitting in the middle of the crowd, ANNOYING MUCH. Don't they know it's dangerous and irritating to sit in the middle of the crowd? I prayed for them to get stepped or kicked that time, hahahahaha. So resident evil.

It sucks to stand with both of your feet sticking together. I CAN'T FREAKING BALANCE MAN. Thanks to those 12-year-old-looking girls, pfft! Whatever, I didn't really care about them when the show starts. I just enjoy every moment :))

JJ and Ryan from hitz.fm were there. They were so funny man! I saw JJ twice in person. First at World Stage and second was @Greyson Chance's showcase. Damn I wanna meet him!! Like really really meet him! Anyways, do check out this video.

I want a Greyson Chance hug too :((

I stole a few pictures of Greyson Chance live @KL LIVE from hitz.fm cz all the pictures I took has the ability to burnyour eyes.

The crowd practically MELTED when he sings! #OMG. I can't help myself, I just kept screaming and jumping! I screamed the song out like hell man. I can feel my throat burning but I don't give a damn and kept screaming the song out loud. AWESOME.

Call me a pedophile or whatsoever, I don't care! I just love Greyson Chance for the way he is. Talented, awesome, gorgeous, cute :3 Can you believe that he wrote most of his songs in his album? Can you believe that he didn't freaking crack his voice when he sings, like LIVE? And he's only 14?!

I recorded a few videos but they were all no good cz I was hyped up to the max and I can't stop moving, lolll. I still watch them anyway. Damn, I miss that night very much! He gave me goosebumps when he opens his mouth! His voice just has the ability to drive me mad. I WANT HIM!!! I want him here in KL again, full concert this time!

He sang Paparazzi, Unfriend You, Waiting Outside the Lines, Cheyenne, Home Is In Your Eyes, Take A Look At Me Now, and.. that's it I guess if I'm not mistaken. Everything is so blurry right now, I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!

This is the best picture I took so far. (I think)

The rest of them sucks, except for the pictures I took with Van and Fern, loll. We only met Fern after the show when she was heading out. Van and I were screaming out her name non-stop and she didn't freaking notice a thing! Everyone was looking at us with their 'wtf look', LMAO!! You made a fool out of us Fern! HAHAHAHAA!!


That was one of the most embarrassing moments I've ever had. It was dark at first so it wasn't that obvious for anyone to see us planking, but the lights went ON when we're almost on the ground and everyone was staring at us, wtphug. HAHAHAHAHA, great time great time.

The worst picture ever.

WTH FERN? Do you have to do it? DO YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IT AT TIMES LIKE THIS? D: I trusted you man! UGH, whatever. You're mean. HAHAHAHAHA!

I had a really great time there. Once again, I wanna thank RAGE for the tickets and of course, a million kisses to Fern and Van for everything. From the bangs to the showcase, and everything everything everything! I wouldn't have so much fun without you guys :))

I brought a headband just in case I'm hot or something and Van snatched it before I could stop her. So I look awful.. WHO CARES? :D I get to watch Greyson Chance perform live man! Can you can you can you? I DOUBT THAT. HA.

I hope you're jealous, HAHAHA. TA GUYS! :DD

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Not long ago, Char and her dad came and so we got bored and so we played :))

WE CAMWHORED LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. It was so fun taking crazy random pictures with all the effects in my bro's MBPro, LMAO. It has been SO SO SO LONG since the last time I touched his lappy. Now that he's here, I CAN PLAY MORE. But unfortunately, he'll be leaving soon.. LIKE TOMORROW!! And IDK when is he coming back, lollolloll.

Anyways, just keep scrolling and LOL if you find it funny.


Hang WO-MAN.


This is an epic fail of roller coaster ride. LMAO.

More pictures in my Facebook album.

I had so much fun last night at Greyson Chance's show and I can't wait to update my blog again, so stay tuned! :DD

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Tickets

As you all know, I won tix to Greyson Chance's show from RAGE, The Star and I have to claim them at their office. So I got help from my dad to claim the tix.

First call, he said the office closed and we have to take it tomorrow. Second call, he said they ran out of tickets and if I still want them, they'll give me tickets to Kota Kinabalu's show on 17.11.11. They'll give me extra 5 or 6 tickets! Third call, he said we'll talk when he's home.

Fine, I waited and waited. He said "There's no more tickets left but the counter is willing to give you extra tickets to Kota Kinabalu's show. Do you wanna go to the show at Kota Kinabalu?"

SERIOUSLY? This is SO STUPID. I was so mad and sad and the same time. 'How could they do such thing?', I thought. I was willing to go to their office the next morning and claim my right and tickets and my dad was fine with it.

But then he started talking about the tickets again. Out of the sudden, HE'S HOLDING A TICKET TO GREYSON CHANCE'S SHOW. Just one. He said he argued with the counter to get the ticket. And I almost cried. I mean, how can this be?! I freaking won tickets to the show and they gave me one ticket only? What about my plus one? What about my plus one's ticket?! I just bury my head into the pillow and practically stopped breathing.

Later on, he gave me a piece of paper, almost as thick as the ticket. So I thought it was, but it's not. It's a stupid piece of Maxis advertisement cardboard in GREEN. I ignored him and just keep thinking about how miserable my life will be for the rest of my life.

He gave me the Maxis shit again. He was like 'Do you believe this is the ticket?'. I ignored him again of course. But then I peeked and saw the ticket! IT'S THE TICKET HE'S HOLDING. Camouflaged by the stupid Maxis paper, SO STUPID.

I snatched it from him and went to my room. My face says 'I HATE YOU, go screw yourself' but I couldn't help it but smile. I can tell that I looked very UGLY without looking at the mirror. It was smile + annoyed face. LMAO.

Oh and, Big Monster Sis, next time, you should just STFU and move on. None of these tickets were meant for you. I don't care if you have never been to a concert before. And for the record, I'll never ever take you to anywhere. So you can stop teasing me with my fugly look on my face last night already. It doesn't affect me anymore. You should also stop mentioning 'I've never been to a concert before' in front of Papa to gain sympathy and make him make me take you to a concert. Plus, I feel like tearing your lips off of your face!

I'm going to Greyson Chance's show tonight...


They didn't mention about prohibiting photography :DD


Going for a haircut right now, so freaking nervous :OO
What if I look seriously ugly and I have to enjoy the concert with it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Greyson Chance, I bet everyone knew him already from his first hit single, Waiting Outside The Lines. He is not a BIEBER-WANNABE so stop hating him, haters. He sings better than BIEBER. Anyways, he will be performing at KL LIVE, Life Centre THIS FRIDAY. The show starts at 8:30pm till.. midnight? :))

I heard that he was coming for quite some time and trust me, I am excited. The thing is, I don't know how to win passes, or buy it. THANKS TO FERN, I won passes to watch him live this Friday!!

This is how it goes. I went to KL Festival City to get a job with Delon, and I bumped into Cookie. So we find jobs together. Anyways, Fern texted me and told me some ways to win passes from RAGE, The Star newspaper.

Before heading back, I stopped by a shop and scan the RAGE section. I went back home and did everything RAGE said. I simply waited for 45 minutes until 4pm and.. THE GAME BEGINS. I was a little too slow when they post up the first question, but no worries.

I kept on refreshing the page OVER AND OVER AGAIN for the latest question. When they post up their second question, I typed out the answer as fast as I could. The next thing I do is kept on refreshing the page until they announce the winners. One look is all it takes to know that I'M ONE OF THE WINNERS.

MUAAAAHAHAHAHA!! I was screaming in HIGH-PITCH and my mom couldn't find a way to shut me up. My hands were trembling in joy! My sister can't even understand a word that I'm saying, or screaming. I was so hyped up, face gone red, hands cold and trembling. My feet just can't stop jumping.

Though I misspell it, but WHATEVER. I was the LUCKY FOURTH WINNER!!! HYPED UP. I was so glad I answered this question and actually won it in just a few seconds! You should check out the rest of the questions. NOT SO EASY. You have to be an obsessive high-ranked stalker to answer those questions.

I wanna thank Fern for texting me by taking her to the show but she's going with her friend. AWWW. So I asked Van and she said YES. So yea, WE'RE GOING TO WATCH GREYSON CHANCE PERFORM LIVE WITH OUR FREAKING NAKED EYES. *screams*

Erin is gonna face SPM soon so I'm not gonna bug her. I wouldn't ask her to go either even if she's not taking any exam, HAHA. Plus, she ain't interested in stuffs like this. The other sister of mine, BIG MONSTER SIS wanted to go but NO. She only wanted to go to this concert because she has never been to a concert, not for Greyson.

I so so so can't wait for the show this Friday! :DD SO so so can't wait for tomorrow too! FYI, the Big Fat Bully is coming home tomorrow. *confetti canon boom boom boom* IDK why am I so excited anyway. OH WAIT, I DO KNOW. HAHAHAHA. Just wait and see :)) he he he.

If you have no passes to watch Greyson this Friday, no worries. Just head to Speedy Video, IPC Shopping Centre on 12.11.11 to participate the autograph session at 12pm. Good luck peeps!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


If there's a day that I'll be very miserable and depress, it will be today.

My blog posts still post on my Facebook AUTOMATICALLY. I've done everything I can to fix it but IT JUST WON'T. I gave up my nap and went to Jusco to get a job but ended up broken-hearted and I just healed myself with a couple of doughnuts. Calories count : UP UP UP! #wtphug. Didn't get to shop with my dad and my sisters cz I was too tired and guess what? I missed the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to make my dad buy novels for me. *pulls hair and scream*

Shops with Vacancy signs -
Either the pay is too low, I'm underage or all jobs are taken. UGH, guess there's only one last place to go.. KL FESTIVAL CITY, the last place I wanna go. It'll be very inconvenient for me though I only need to take the bus to reach there. I HATE taking busses, they're ALWAYS LATE and they drive slow. VERY SLOW.

I realised that I'm 500 miles away from everyone. KL Festival City has been opening for quite some time now and I still have not stepped a foot in there. It's just plain sad.

I'm going to get a job this holiday and there's not a damn thing can stop me. I don't wanna spend my holiday sitting at home like a lifeless pig. I don't wanna get up, survive the day and just go back to sleep. That's so lame and disturbing to just sit at home doing NOTHING.

Plus, I have stuffs that I need to get rid of from my wishlist. They've been sitting there for a little too long and it's time for me to kick them off and INDULGE. But first, I gotta get a job.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stupid Feeds

When I started blogging, I subscribed to a "feed" thing and somehow, my blog posts will automatically appear on my Facebook as notes. After a long time, I find it VERY ANNOYING and I've been trying to unsubscribe it but I can't. I don't know how to.

I googled it, but it doesn't help at all. Even the Big Fat Bully have no idea about this thing, or maybe.. he just don't wanna help ._. Anyways, I've deleted my blog feed from Internet Explorer (hope it works) and let's see if this post is going to automatically appear on my Facebook or not.

*fingers crossed*

Friday, November 4, 2011

School has to end ASAP.

Starting a topic randomly.

We finally got all the money for the colour guard performance, it's a three digit number. AIN'T THAT AWESOME? :D I have a whole lot of things in my wish-list and IDK where to start. Should I get my Sony headphone first, or go shopping at KL Festival City? Since there's everything there. REALLY EVERYTHING. Parkson included, splendid.

Well, I'm definitely not gonna spend a cent at food cz I can survive eating home food. Not gonna buy iPod touch first cz what I have right now is never enough to get one. Novels.. leave it to my dad. Shoes, I have plenty. Which leads me to BAGS AND CLOTHINGS. Mmm.. fashion. OR I can save all the money now and splurge when I have more money after I get a part time job.

Speaking of part time job, I think I'm just gonna find one at Jusco. It's not far from home so it eases up everything for me. Transportation and stuffs like that. I'm just waiting for JC's answer. I bet she hasn't ask her mom yet, HAHAHA. Speaking of JC. She was absent yesterday and guess what, SHE'S BRACES FREE NOW. *claps* She's smokin' hot like Megan Fox right now, HAHAHA. I would turn lesbian for you! GOSH that sound so wrong. Still, congrats! You're prettier than ever :))

Remember then huge mosquito-bite-sized pimple at my back? It shrunk! :DD Ain't hurt anymore, yeaaapie! I can sit back and lay in whatever position I want with no PAIN. School was boring as usual. A little too boring maybe cz Baobei totally forgot about me TWICE this week and I practically had nothing to do during recess other than get the money and fill up my tummy. After recess, they had this stupid prize giving ceremony which I don't really care about cz it has nothing to do with me, HAHAHA. I was reading Shiver throughout the ceremony, awesome. Until Fern came and became a bieber-wannabe with my black hoodie, LMAO. :D

I just want school to be over as soon as possible. Going to school everyday with nothing to do makes me feel lifeless. It's really really boring.

I don't wanna be your classmate next year. YES, just you. You make me feel sick with your know-it-all mind. Think you know about me? Think you can judge me by your stupidity? Think again. You're shallow, but don't be foolish and humiliate yourself. I don't know how much longer I'm able to fake this smile and act like you're my friend.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

puzzled out

Woke up with an agonising pain at the middle of my spine, vertically. One look at the mirror to find a "thing" located almost at the middle of my spine, horizontally. There's a thing growing. It's pink and bulged like a mosquito bite. Only it doesn't feel like a mosquito bite. It doesn't cause itchiness and it's a little too bulged to be so. The pain felt like a huge pimple surfacing and it's kinda too big to be a pimple. I'm still confused anyway.

Showered, ate, waited, read, and more waiting.. Until the Big Monster Sis stomped the stairs as she came down. Yelling here and there about how she's going to make it to her campus with both of my parents following me to the hospital. I mean, seriously.. You have legs, can't you walk? The campus is just two feet away from home. Plus, she owns a driving license, CAN'T SHE DRIVE HERSELF TO SCHOOL? My mom on the other hand don't think so, so she kinda ditched my dad and I and fetch her to her freaking campus. Things got complicated and I just wanna drop by at school, get the stupid letter and head to the hospital. It didn't bothered me much about returning the text books and also.. Fern's Shiver. SIGH, so sorry :((

Things got real frustrated and my dad practically lost his mind. He could blow up like a nuclear bomb, anytime. While I just looked out at the window and tried not to respond him cz every word that I spoke might cause more arguments.

Parked the car and went up to the stairs and my dad literally yelled when he thought I was missing. A woman jumped and stared and I just acted like I don't know him. He can't really see me with all those cars blocking his view. I wasn't missing, I just prefer displacement. Like a shortcut. Chill dad, CHILL...

Registered and waited. My dad wouldn't wanna take the seat beside which left an empty seat between us. Tsk tsk tsk.. childish. Still mad at me huh? HAHAHA. I looked at my watch after every few pages I read. I was kinda surprised that I've read more than 3/4 of the book by the time my number is up. Didn't know I have that kind of speed :DD

Later on, I took another number and waited for a few minutes until I was called. Entered the room and found a few dentists standing, discussing about some X-rays thingy. My X-ray to be specific. A few moments passed and they turned to me, examining my jaw, bone structure, my head. It was kinda awkward to be in a position where all eyes were on me. I didn't know which eyes to make contact with. There were so many ._. So I looked at their white doctor coats instead, lol.

I have my dad sitting on the other side of the room, a dentist from the original clinic at Dato' Keramat, 3 female dentists, and an Indian male dentist called Ravi :)) They're all friendly, united, funny too. One of the dentist mentioned about cases which are similar to mine, uneven jaw. And she said most of the patients were all Chinese. Chinese girls. LOLOLOLOL.

They explained everything to me. About the causes, the surgery, the cost, the aftermath. According to the dentists, uneven jaw could be caused by inheritance. Felt like laughing when my dad brought up stuffs about my mom. You see, some of my maternal relatives have jaw problems too, like my mom. Either upper jaw is pushed outwards, or they have uneven teeth. Unlike my dad, he has smooth, neat, white and well-grown teeth. The total opposite of my mom, lol.

My brother and sister have fine oral cavity, fine jaw bones, great facial symmetry. While The Big Monster Sis and I have jaw issues. I couldn't blame anyone or anything other than science. Blame it on meiosis and the chromosomes' cross-over. Damn you, cross-overs. I deserve a little genetic code from my dad when it comes to oral cavity, we all do actually. I hope my children will never inherit any part of my teeth and jaw bone structure in the future. Histories were never meant to be repeated.

After explaining almost about everything, my dad and the dentists kinda got along and chatted for awhile. My dad started to brag about himself being adventurous, going diving around the world, being an ex-armed force or air force. Something like that. IDK how it went and somehow, I'm their topic out of the sudden. He wanted me to be a pilot. He wanted me to be just like him, adventurous. In my mind, I thought 'I suck at Physics, how you like me now?'. Then he broke off, telling them that I'm into dancing and music.

It reminded me how much I missed dancing. Showed me how well my dad knew me, he knew how much dancing meant to me. *touched, touched* It's just something that my mom wouldn't understand, never will.

It was kinda embarrassing that my dad brought up all the things I did to him at home, treating him like a bro, a friend more than a father. VERY EMBARRASSING.

Time passed, he dropped me home and went back to work. Come to think of it, I'm kinda glad my mom didn't followed us today. Feels great that she's out of the picture. HAHA :DD

Surgery surgery surgery.. I'M SO INTO IT.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I wanna be limitless.

I somehow became a lazy blogger and this blog is half dead. HAHA. Anyways, a lot of stuffs happened for the past few weeks, IDK where to start.

Played badminton for hours last week, watched Paranormal Activity at Dong3saeng's place and have pizza but not THE ULTIMATE CHEESY 7. SIGH. Read novels, AWESOME NOVELS to be specific. Watched movies that are not even released in the country. Planning to re-watch LOTRings. ZOMG. :O Went to the dentist twice a week and wasted 2 hours waiting there.. It's not that I have oral cavity problems, the dentist just wanna check my jaw and stuffs like that. I went there for the second time only because I have to take a stupid reference letter for they to refer me to another hospital at Selayang. And I have to be there tomorrow and they'll explain everything about my braces, jaw and surgery thingy. Sounds scary already.. :((

I have to drop by at school tomorrow just to return 18 text books, wtphug. I could return it the day after tomorrow, BUT NOOOO. They wouldn't let it unless you pay them RM2. Fine, that's acceptable cz I return them one day late. But there's no excuse for them to charge us anything when we wanna return it a day earlier cz they're actually charging us for that. IKR, unbelievable. I have a very good excuse to return it earlier! SMART, so smart of them.. School rules nowadays.

I lied, I have another reason to drop by actually, hahahaha. I gotta take a stupid letter from school that IDK what it's for. Free charge maybe? :)) Also, to return Shiver to Fern.

Long story short, it's all because of my stupidity. HAHAHA, sorry Fern! BTW, the "Shiver series" has been on my list for months and I didn't get to buy it but thanks to Fern, I get the chance to make my dream come true :3 Her mom won it, THE WHOLE SERIES, the trilogy! COOL RIGHT? I think Fern has a thing when it comes to books. Did you know.. SHE WON PASSION FROM GALAXIE MAGAZINE?! Guess she doesn't need me anymore since she has it already. HAHA.

I brought one novel to school and brought back two, lol. Shiver, for one. Skulduggery Pleasant, for two.

I traded my Hush,Hush for this with Number6. HAHAHA! That was before Fern lend her Shiver to me and now that I have two books with me.. OMG. but still, thanks guys :))

I haven't been touching the piano lately and I suck at it. But last night, I played it. And I can't stop playing until my right trapezius muscle hurts. IDK why, but I always have this kind of pain on my upper trapezius after I played piano for too long.. like hours maybe? It gets worse and I hate it. VERY MUCH. It used to hurt after I've been playing piano for hours and now, IT HURTS in just 60 minutes. Sometimes 30 minutes! It hurts, it annoys me a lot and the worst thing is, IT STOPS ME FROM PLAYING PIANO. UGH..

I have a whole lot of songs that I've printed out and never really tried to play them cz they're too hard. For example, songs from Final Fantasy. JENOVA, One Winged Angel, Melodies Of Life reborn version, 1000 Words, etc. I still find it difficult, HAHAHAHA. I love those songs but I have trapezius pain limits. Damn boundaries!

Gonna start reading now, toodles :))