Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting BRACED soon.

Greetings readers! It's the second week of school and I hope everyone is having a good time at school. I HOPE SO. Anyways!

I was partially absent today because I have a dentist appointment. What they did to me today is placing (or should I say FORCING) a tiny elastic band in between my molars. WARNING : Scroll down the page as quick as you can IF you wanna avoid disgusting picture of MY ORAL CAVITY :D

HAHAHA!! Like it's not inevitable ;D I know you saw the picture! Done puking? Okay, I'm gonna continue. I HATE THESE BANDS VERY MUCH tho it's in turquoise. Kinda pretty right? ;) But it's very annoying! I feel very uncomfortable and the thing is bugging me 24/7. And I only had it for hours, how about the rest of the.. week!? D:

Annoying or not, I still have to deal with it. THE GOOD NEWS IS, I'm getting my braces next week!! :DD THE BAD NEWS IS, I'm gonna be braced for Chinese New Year. WTF.

I'm gonna be a full time GEEK during the most prosperous holidays ever! FULL TIME GEEK. For the sake of intense desire for pretty teeth, I'm gonna BARE HUMILIATION AND PAIN. I envy every undead human who got their braces off. OR who genetically has pretty teeth and perfect smile :(

YES, I ENVY THEM. Toodles!

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