Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starbucks 2012 planner






YES, I JUST REDEEMED MY STARBUCKS 2012 PLANNER YESTERDAY :DD GOSH I'm so happy right now and IDK what to do! I mean, it's too good to be true and I don't feel like using it. HAHAHA! Just so you know, I've been visiting Starbucks frequently for the past few weeks JUST to get the planner. Ahh, everything is so worth it! :')

Two days ago, my kind sweet-heart boss dropped me off at the nearest Starbucks store and I had a venti Valencia Macchiato. It maybe nice and awesome for some peepo but NOT ME. HAHA. I find it disgusting, especially the Valencia orange syrup at the top.

FREAKING SOUR and I hate tangy coffee. It's a NO for me but at least the hot liquid underneath the foam taste awesome!

Before I went home, I redeemed a free grande size drink. Green Tea frappuccino .

I had a rough day yesterday. Well, rough is not the perfect word to describe my day but, IT SUCKED. And I totally NEED this.

Venti Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. YUM!! *thumbs up I felt so much better after having this REMEDY. If you know what I mean ;) And this retard enjoyed McDonald's ice-cream in Starbucks, HAHAHA lol.

Wanna know something surprising?

This is freaking me out! First of all, I only have ONE Starbucks card. And I only registered ONE Starbucks card. Who the heck is this who registered his/her Starbucks card under my name? :OO

Well, there are times where I feel like transferring the funds to my ORIGINAL Starbucks card. HAHAHAHAHA #EVIL

OK TOODLES, I'm gonna blog more ;D And I'm getting braces tomorrow btw. I KNOW YOU'RE JUMPING IN FRONT OF YOUR SCREEN NOW. HAHA!

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