Friday, March 30, 2012

You think?

I've been going home late these days due to gym practice. FYI, the gym competition falls on this Sunday! Can't believe it's so soon. I mean, everything happened so fast and for the record, I don't even have a "half-shoe". I hope our coach remembers to get one for me. 

As we're practicing everyday, I can feel my tendon slowly 'fading'. It's like I don't have any of it right now! Not to mention my left foot. IDK what's wrong with it but it seems like it's injured. It's been in pain for days now D: Sigh.. 

Everything seems to be so wrong right now. I don't get enough sleep everyday and ended up gulping gallons of coffee the next morning. The injury that has been haunting me for more than a year still continues doing its job. What we're gonna wear for the gym competition is DEAD HIDEOUS. Sorry to say this but THE PANTS REALLY REALLY LOOK AWFUL. It's stretchy, a little shiny and the worst part, IT'S BAGGY AND PYJAMAS-LIKE. Honestly I was expecting something like THIS!
Marilyn High Skinny Jean by Neuw. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I can't believe we're gonna humiliate ourselves this Sunday. In front of EVERYBODY. But what's done is done. We have to appreciate what our coach taught us and give our best to let this routine SHINE! I'm embracing the advice given by Baobei lollolol Thanks Baobei! :') Good luck to all of us who are taking part in the Gym For Life competition this Sunday. Including you people with the rope skipping thing!
I'm currently reading a 1993 Reader's Digest! :D It was only rm9 back then, SO CHEAP!! I don't even know who's this Siah person, lol.

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